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Research plays an important element for any higher educational institution to strengthen their teaching and learning structure.High impact research program has been always a benchmark in determining university performance .RMC is responsible for coordinating research plan and activities, financial management, and dissemination of information management for the purpose of the reference study.

As the executor secretariat of research development program, RMC is also responsible for designing the policies and strategies t enhance institutional level of excellence in research and inovation also commercialization activities of research end results with the help from Head of Cluster (HOC) by each faculty.RMC is also significant in providing space for the enhancement of knowledge, academicion intellectual and TATIUC management through conferences at national, regional and international levels.


To be one of the best Research Management Centre                            


To facilitate and support research activities through research, publications, short courses and participate in local, regional, and international conferences and exhibitions to commercialize TATIUC unique inventions

Groups of Research Cluster


Power Electronic And Machine Design

Machine Design and Transformers

Energy System AC Sources, Power Quality and UPS Systems

Energy Systems Renewable Energy

Power Conversion SMPS Systems Systems and Drives


Sensor Technology And Application 

Front-End Sensor Fabrication

Embeded Processing and Signal Acquision

Pattern Classification/Recognition

Application Center


Robotic And Autonomous System 

Industrial Automation

Embedded System Degin And Application

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Life

Industrial Robots And Automotion


Chemical And Polymer Innovation 

Simulation & Chemical Processes


Enviromental Science & Technology

Water & Wastewater
Industrial Safety & Health

Polymer Technology

Rubber Technology


Information And Communication Technology 

Software Engineering

Management and System Science

Network Security

Information Retrieval

Graphic Design


Advanced Manufacturing

Manufacturing System and Simulation

Manufacturing Process and Technology

CAM,CIM,FMS, and FEM In Manufacturing

Lean and Agile Manufacturing

Tool and Die


Industrial Engineering and Operation Management

Performance Modelling and Optimization of Manufacturing

FEA and modelling


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